In the late forties early fifties we continued to grace the Regal and we became part of a group that filled the hotel year after year. It was interesting to see dad sitting in the lounge as a person who had been attending the TT since the late twenties telling people the best vantage spots, which riders to watch and organising the hotel sweep. The group had been apart for 50 weeks but it was like seeing them after a days separation. We booked a complete coach to take us on all sorts of excursions including runs up to the Creg, Ramsey and other such spots. Eventually we had one particular coach driver who knew he had a full bus when he came to the Regal arrange different days out to our specification. We got to know the island very well. We went to the Tower of Refuge in rowing boats and I continued to increase my intake of Vimto. I was introduced to the "Packed Lunch" which was four slices of bread made into sandwiches with a thin smear of butter and an even thinner smear of some kind of meat or fish paste. There was an apple an orange and a bottle of pop plus, wrapped in paper, a wedge of fruit cake. We loved it all and it staved of hunger until we returned to the hotel for evening meal.

The Brett family stayed at the Regal but sons Jack and Charlie stayed elsewhere with the lads. However, they popped in at regular intervals so see their mum, dad and sister so we got to know them very well. Jack knew where we sat during the racing and waved to us as he flew past. Jack won a silver and a bronze one year and I woke up one morning to find them on my dressing table in my hotel room. I was thrilled and had my photo taken with the trophies on the hotel steps.

Then to crown it all, the winner came to see Jack and I was introduced to him.

It was the newly famous Geoff Duke and he stood with me on the steps for a photograph I treasure very much. Geoff sat and talked to me for some time while he was waiting for Jack.

Geoffs Back Number actually from the Junior Race

The same Back Number as seen on Geoffs book cover

Then a small parcel came for me, I opened it carefully to find it was Geoffs back number (79 Junior) from that year. I still have it in my collection. I think that this one occasion alone really made me the TTFan I am today.